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Dragons Versus Dinosaurs

Darkness... Evil Mystery... Shadowy Enchantment... War!

Young Prince Christopher and Princess Elsie, with the help of Vikings and Dragons, set sail from Scotland toward Asia but stumble instead upon the Americas and Dinosaurs. There they meet Bashra the Silver Dragon and the Asian Red Dragon of Happiness. A young caveboy named Og leads the young royalty on a journey through the land of Dinosaurs, as they uncover a plot by the jokester Copper Dragon, Guffaw, to wipe out Humans and Dinosaurs alike. 

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In 1815 The Brothers Grimm published the story Snow White and Rose Red. Since that time Snow white has gone on to achieve fame and fortune while her younger sister sat in the shadows patiently waiting her turn. Now, for the first time ever, young Rose finally has her share of the sunlight with her very own tale. It’s her turn to shine! A Classic Fairytale for a new generation.

Rose Red is the younger sister of Snow White and lives alone with her stepmother the evil Queen. She cooks and cleans night and day without reward. Her only happiness comes on the occasion she can sneak into the courtroom and cast her eyes on the Queen’s beautiful throne. Rose Red greatly admires beautiful, well crafted furniture and dreams longingly about sitting upon the powerful chair— if only for a moment— but is forbidden to do so. The evil Queen also has a longing for majestic objects, including a powerful royal red robe, which can only be stitched from Rose Red’s heartstrings, and dyed by her blood, at midnight on the evening of the Blood-Moon. The Queen will stop at nothing to have her robe and tries to poison the young girl with the thorn of the cursed rose.Rose Red escapes to find seven curious elves living in a life-sized dollhouse. To her surprise and delight she finds out the elves, Gander-gawk, Snuffle-huff, Taste-bud, Grapple-thumb, Click-clack, Merry-glee and Gloomy-glum— as slaves once themselves to the Queen— were the tiny craftsmen that constructed the throne. As young Rose Red and the seven elves run for their lives through the Dark Forest, she asks the elves to build her a similar majestic seat. The elves gladly oblige, but instead build for her three other gifts that might just save her life. Will that be enough, or will the evil Queen’s lust for greed be Rose Red’s downfall?

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