What you are about to read is real. It is an actual document from a child written in the year 2030 A.D.; it was found in an ancient Egyptian tomb in 1925 by Dr. Devon Steinbrook. The document was written on blue hover-paper and had been sealed inside a pink plastic tube that had been marked: “Kiddie Time Travel Tube. Trademark 2021.” It was thought, for many years, to be a hoax, but has since been verified by many scientists and government agencies to be authentic. The most recent report of validity being released this year.

     The finding reveals a school report from Third Grade student Bailey McGuire. Dated, Punar 35th, 2030 A.D. State of Fremont, U.S.A.

     *To prevent a possible paradox and the downfall of society, the following is for your eyes only. Do not share! Do not discuss with other people! Even if the child only received a C plus for his work.



My book report is about the years 1949 through 2025. The 1950s were boring. All people lived in homes that looked alike, and the dads all worked at the same jobs, until the 1960s when the Beatles invented music. People began to rebel, grow long hair, and dress funny. All of this seemed to be a good thing until the year 2000 when all people and life became more boring because everybody only relied on two things at a time, like, only two political parties; two airlines; two car manufactures. Everyone dressed alike. Everyone acted alike. Riots followed in 2020 when youtube announced that it would no longer count video hits because most were in the billions.

However, all this changed when Xtoriez was written and published by G. L. Strytler and New Hollywood Productions. Soon there were four political parties, then eight political parties, and so on, until everyone thought differently and became free. Thus, allowing the invention of 3-D printers, personal hover rockets, eternal lasting batteries, and free internet for everyone!

President John C. Stewart officially declared it the Great Time of Cheerful Revolution.

                                           Bailey McGuire


Link: The Master Book, Xtoriez (enter reverently).



Link: Dragons vs. Dinosaurs (enter cautiously).




Author Bio:

G. L. Strytler is a man among men, boy among boys. He enjoys motor bikes, four wheeling, explosives/pyrotechnics, tools, building, camping, hiking, fishing, any and all competition, bar-b-queing, sports, raw music, and tearing up the dirt!

Books in Xtoriez seriez:

1. The Great Time-Link Photography Project (fantasy/sci-fi).

2. Microworlds Atom-Force (sci-fi).

3. Instru-Mental (comedy).

4. Go Get The Girl (teen romance).

5. Dragons vs. Dinosaurs (fantasy).


Xtoriez tip of the month:

You can remove a wheel boot from your car by harmlessly prying it loose with a tire jack.


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